The Abominable Chax (miyu_sakura) wrote in egl,
The Abominable Chax

Guidelines to Moderator Comments and Moderation

I'm issuing this warning once and then I'm going to start handing out demerits if I see it again.

If a moderator warns a member about breaking community rules, let the moderator do their job. PLEASE.

That means the following:

1) If the member who was warned continues the behavior, send a message to the moderation team with a link that points to the behavior.

2) Let the moderation team take action.

That does not mean:

1) Taunting/reprimanding/mocking said member.
2) Starting a flame war, multi-thread discussion, or giant bicker-fest towards said member.

As moderators we really do have a full plate keeping the community orderly. Having to gather evidence and track problem members is pretty tricky to begin with. But when members decide to jump in and 'have at' on a problem member, it becomes even more difficult. Many of the comments become insulting, retaliatory, and downright vicious. Which means that the moderation team has to hand out a fresh round of warnings instead of just nipping the problem neatly in the bud.

Believe it or not, the team has no problem with banning/reprimanding members who cause trouble. But we don't want to have to start throwing people out en masse because everyone is muck-racking. There are many other communities that shall not be named where you can vent your rage uninhibited. Please do all of your flaming there and leave egl out of it. It makes our jobs as moderators easier.

On a personal note I'm almost feeling like a hypocrite nowadays whenever I log on to warn/moderate because even if I can see the problem member, I see a lot of other members acting pretty nastily towards them. I seriously don't want to have to become some sort of Mod Nazi or a mother-type who shakes her finger at every little thing. Please just use common sense and courtesy. Ignore people, report them, and then let the team take care of the issue.


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