Sleeping Unbeauty (loli_fied) wrote in egl,
Sleeping Unbeauty

St. Louis Meetup/Study Break

Hey, it's me again~

A few lolitas expressed interest in having a meetup within the week after this. Since some are probably going to be going through finals, we could hold it on Saturday, December 15th as a nice study break. I was thinking if anyone wants to, maybe we could go see "The Golden Compass"? Or maybe we could go ice skating at Forest Park? Suggestions are totally welcome (especially since I don't know much of the area myself).

Okay, so ice skating it is! Lol. I'm seriously super excited for this especially since my brain will otherwise be studied to death the rest of the week

Date: December 15th
Time: Uhm, would 2PM be okay with everyone?
Where: Steinberg Ice Rink, Forest Park--East Side near Kingshighway
We'll start off there, and then move off to somewhere warm~
Cost: $6, $2.50 for skate rental

Transportation: I live close to the park (two streets over from the northwest corner) and am carless, so I can probably walk there or whatnot, but does everyone else have a car/a way to get to the park? From the sounds of it there will be only be a few people so some of us might be able to carpool?
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