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Austrian TV about lolita fashion

In september we made a meet-up and we were also filmed by TV. finally I had time to translate the outcome... well my English is crappy *lol* I hope you understand it...
but the video is good! lolita is a serious business! XD


Narrator (female): Attention! Now it gets super-kawaii, also known as sugar sweet and sugar pink! Metro was at the Gothic Lolita meet-up in the Museumsquartier. Lolita fashion comes from the Japanese youth culture and it’s inspired from ancient children’s clothing and excess of cuteness of rococo. Be prepared for a flood of frills, ribbons, curls and socks.

Narrator (male): Cuteness as principle of fashion. The gothic lolita meet-up combines 2 times in the year the followers of the “frills-culture” in Vienna. This time they met at the Boutique Gegenalltag where a Lolita exhibition came to an end

Duplica: Typical for lolita are the knee-length skirts, which are bulky because of the petticoat..

Princess_pipi: You can definitely see the influences of rococo and Victorian age

Sery_chan: Ribbons, lace..

Duplica: then everything is high-necked, puffed sleeves, knee-high stockings, platform shoes..

Narrator (male): The lolita style has its roots in the Japanese nostalgia in reference to European history. For the fans in the meet-up it’s primarily an own attitude of life.

Princess_pipi: Also the attitude belongs to it: To bring beauty into the world and to banish the sad everyday life

Natsumiy: Then it’s an own way of life and you feel just more beautiful in such clothing.

Duplica: but I often think that it’s also an anti-movement against the actual youth’ clothing, perhaps you can interpret it in this way.

Narrator (male): In Tokyo lolitas, who are in the stronghold of Japanese streetfashion Harajuku district, are an attraction for tourists. Mainstream pop-acts like Gwen Stefani decorate their videos with extras in Harajuku look.
In this country the people aren’t familiar with this Japanese style, which can be separated in country lolita, punk lolita, classic lolita or gothic lolita.

Natsumiy: It’s clear that people stare at us, because it’s not common, especially not here in Austria.

Random Guy 1: I cannot classify it. I would better understand it, if you would explain it to me.

Random Guy 2: well..my first impression was it could be an art action.. but who knows?

Narrator (Male): But it looks like that the imperial-nostalgic Austrians definitely are ready to get used with old-fashioned-new look.

Princess_pipi: In contrast to Germany, where I live, where I get very rude comments sometimes, the people in Austria are very nice and ask and are interested in it.

Sery_chan: Often the people are very friendly, approach to us, ask us what we’re wearing. Of course we explain everybody what he/she wants to know. We also took pictures with everybody.

Narrator (male): There is one thing, they often have to explain: They don’t play carnival, because in contrast to other Japanese youth cultures like the costume trend of cosplay, lolitas accent that their clothing is no costume.

Duplica: If we’re wild, we’re not getting sweet and shy suddenly just because we’re wearing a dress. It’s not like this. It’s not a costume, we’re ourselves if we wear these dresses.

Narrator (male): That somebody is looking for self-realisation in the doll-look isn’t easy to comprehend. But why should it be easier in normal clothing?

Narrator (female): One of the most popular webshops for lolita fashion is Baby the stars shine Bright, a Japanese cult label. You can find it at www.babytssb.co.jp for enjoying and buying. 

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