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Need help with Kera Maniax pattern

Hey y'all (I've been watching too much paula deen)

I'm ready to purchase materials to make the BtSSB Halloween JumperSkirt in the latest issue of Kera. However, I am unfamiliar with Kera Patterns and are having some difficulty naviagting into new territory. From what I have gathered, the Bodice requires 1m of fabric. But exactly how much do I need to make the skirt?

I am confused because the page shows two diagrams for the skirt, both requiring about a meter or so for fabric. Does one of these diagrams represent lining? or should I call it a day and use 2m for the skirt?

Also, while I have your attention, is it kosher to mix and match different types of lace on a single garment? say I wanted to use a cluny lace for the neckline, and a venise for the hem and waist? what are your opinons (I know you have them)

Thanks in an advance!
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