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Last Dec 9'th Nutcracker/ballet post

Hello there everybody.
I'm sorry for having so many posts about the Dec 9th Nutcracker/ballet outing. This will be the final post with all the information.

Who's joining us:
FOOD$1. neku_niku
FOOD$2. lilusako
FOOD$3-4. muted_serenades+1
NO$5-6. yume_ninja+1
$7. daitenshi_dream
FOOD$8. sekiria
9. becausedead
FOOD$10-11. miyuist+1
$12-13. littlegrimi +1
FOOD$14. animefreak102
FOOD$15-16. chisuo+1
FOOD$17. kuramew
FOOD$18. Matt the dude
19-20. clueless_case +1
FOOD$21-22. adorable1 +1
FOOD$23. xaynie
$28-29. pour_me_coffee+1

$ next to # means paid~
FOOD next to name means joining us for lunch
NO next to name means not joining us for a meal
clueless_case & becausedead I never got any $ from you guys. so if you still want to join us, tell me ASAP, i can pick up extra tickets, there might even still be tickets available night of the performance.

We are going to, Aoba Japanese-Thai Fusion
yelp review
city search review
239 N Brand Blvd
Glendale, CA 91203
(818) 247-9789

Meet in front of restaurant (across the street from Alex Theatre) between 3:30-4pm, it gets dark early these days so, we should try to get photos before our meal.
Lunch will be between 4pm-6pm. Then we will walk over to Alax Theatre to wait for everybody else.

if you are not attending lunch, meet us in front of Alex box office at 6pm

Parking (below is copy/past from Alex theatre website)
convenient and ample parking is available for all Alex Theatre patrons.
Validated parking is available at the Orange Street Parking Garage (#1 on map) located at the corner of California and Orange (enter from Orange), the Exchange Parking Garage (#2 on map) located on Maryland Avenue, south of Wilson, and the Glendale Marketplace Garage (#3 on map) located at the corner of Harvard and Maryland (enter from Maryland). Parking costs $1.00 for four hours with validation (rates subject to change).

Parking tickets can be validated by the House Manager in the Alex Theatre lobby.

Additional metered public parking is available in several municipal parking lots and on the street around the theatre. Metered parking is enforced until 6:00 p.m. Monday through Saturday. Please read posted parking signs carefully.

Please allow yourself plenty of time for parking prior to the start time of the event. The Alex Theatre strives to start all performances on time.

If anybody has any questions please drop a line.

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