poprocksian (poprocksian) wrote in egl,

A Double Decker Shipping Question

Before anyone snaps at me, I did try hunting lj-seek for a comprehensive answer. ._.

I want to order a pair for myself and then a pair for my little sister for Christmas. Based on what I've read on the website, I noted that it'll take them a couple days to send me an invoice, from which I then have to paypal to. So I figure, I'm probably going to have to average in at least 5 days between waiting for an invoice and for paypal to clear for them to even box and ship an order to me.

So, based on anyone's experience with DD,

1. Are they speedy shippers?
2. Do you think there'll be a delay due to the holidays?
3. How's communication with customers?

Additionally, for the bigger-foot Lolitas,

I know that my little sister has bigger feet than me (she's a big girly.... o.o;;;;) and that she's about a size 9, maybe a 10? Will she fit into DD's size 25s? (Does anyone have any experience with this? ;o;! I read that a 25 will fit an US8.5... but she's got big feet and they only make up to a 25cm in the shoe she wants)

Thank you, Ladies! ^o^
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