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Thanks and some cut pages!

Hey guys! One more spam about my book Japan Ai. (sorry ^_^....) I just wanted to let you guys know that there is a 16 page or so preview on Go!Comi now, and additionally there are about 60 pages of cut bonus material up! (just this morning!). The fashion section has some harajuku items... but actually not that many since almost all the GL related stuff got into the actual book! (so guess that's a good thing? :) )
Sorry about any spelling errors on the 60 cut pages, many of them are from my notebooks and since they got cut from the final, they never got spell-checked.
I hope you enjoy them all the same! :)

More importantly though, I wanted to thank EGL again for not only giving me so much inspiration for my own silly loli wardrobe, but helping out when I needed help finding places in Japan when I first visited. It's pretty great that when you're curious about matching a coordinate or where to find an article of clothing you want, that you can come here and 80% of the time someone can help you out. In particular to Japan Ai, huge thanks again to Sumire for her shopping guide that I used the first time I went to Japan. I list Sumire's guide and EGL list in Japan Ai (as well as plenty of addresses) so hopefully that will pass on the love to the next new-potential loli.

(Thanks for the help with the Kera Maniax BTSSB bodice! I'm almost done! YEAY!)

Thanks for bearing with me and thanks for the support! :)
I cant wait to see some of you at NYAF!
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