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Old Pics from last Brisbane Casual Meetup

A few snaps from the last Brisbane Casual Meet-up - beware the lo-res images and myspace angles - buahahaha!

Left 2 Right:  everworld2662, shieldkitten, sweetphaexcelrya

MYSPACE ANGLE!  shieldkittenin offbrand + Victorian Maiden -  celryain Anna House + offbrand

MOAR of Jo, this time with everworld2662 who has GORGEOUS eyes (outfit: Offbrand + Bodyline)

I was late for this meet because I was chasing my escaped dog Benny, I took a dive and cut my knee... you know you've become hardxcore Rori-chan when even your band-aids have bows and lace.

And me with Jo... I decided to OD with the irridescent eyemake up that day.. (Outfit: Offbrand + Btssb)

Last picture: Suffer not this cheesecake to live!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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