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Shopping Service

Hey everybody, since it's about Christmas time, I'm taking more orders again!  I haven't made a new post in a while because I've been so insanely busy, but I'm able to take a few now!  
For details, see the cut!

Rin's Shopping Service

I used to have a post where I detailed everything, but I can't find it to link to it, so I'll just outline it again.

Here's the deal:

I take orders for most brand names, and if there is something you want from a more obscure shop just contact me and I'll let you know if I can get it.

I only accept paypal.  Sorry, I'm not really flexible about that.

I charge 15% fees and shipping- 10% commission, 5% paypal fee. 

I won't take orders under 5000 yen.  I'm sorry, I know that sucks, but if you think about it, I can't be running around killing myself to get stuff and not even able to make enough from the order to cover the train fees. 

The general procedure is:  
Email me with links to the items you want.  I will then calculate and email you with the total plus commission.  After you paypal the money, I will pick up the items within a few days.  Generally it takes me no longer than 3 days after you send the money for me to pick everything up, unless something needs to be ordered in from another shop.  I will then ship the items, and send you an invoice for the shipping fee.  I find this works best, because it seems unfair to calculate the shipping total in the beginning, as it jacks up the commission more.  

I ship everything EMS.  This is by far the safest way, the only other shipping method is unreliable and takes at least a month. 

I do not take orders from Closet Child, sorry!  It's way to complicated to run around to the different CCs trying to find an item!

*I think I'm full of orders for LPs, sorry!  What I'll do is, as soon as the sites release for sure the prices and limit per person, I'll get back to everyone who has contacted me as to whether or not I can get one for them, and deal with payment accordingly.  I'll go in order down the list of who contacted me first.  I'll do the best I can guys, but remember, its hard to guarantee anything when it comes to the LPs!

I think thats most everything, email me or comment with any specific questions!  If you want to place an order, please don't comment, just email me directly!  My email is: corinne.elysse@gmail.com


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