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Columbus Meetup Details

Hello to all of the lolitas in the Columbus, OH area. I posted on here awhile back about having a meetup in November. I had quite a lack of response for that time, so I have changed it and made final plans for one next Saturday, December 8th at the Columbus Zoo. We will meet at 3:30 by the ticket booth. I've never been there, but I'm assuming there's a gate where you buy the tickets and then go in, so we'll just go in together. There's a lot of events going on at the zoo right now since all the lights are up, so it should be very pretty. Please RSVP by posting here or e-mailing me at Mana_sama55 at hotmail.com. Everyone should probably e-mail me anyway if you would like to exchange phone numbers in case you arrive late.

Parking is $5 per car, and tickets are $10 for adults

If you would like to see more informatin about the zoo lights event, their website is www.columbuszoo.org

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