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In the Starlight Ice Cream JSK Review

I recently ordered the Ice Cream Jumperskirt (with a slight modification to the bodice) and a matching headbow from In the Starlight and since people are always asking about people's experiences and the quality of ITS, I thought I'd do a review and post some pictures!

Right off the bat I will say I LOVE this dress!

I asked for three bows down the front instead of the corset lacing because I think corset lacing looks terrible on me. She didn't charge extra or add any labor time for the modification, and I think it suits me a lot better than the lacing would!

This isn't really commentary on the actually construction of the dress, but I've heard a lot of people be really skeptical about how the print would look on a person, and many wondered if it were too kitsch or busy for a lolita print. Personally I think it's on the same level of many of Metamorphose's prints (like Sweets, Biscuits, Alphabet) and if you don't like those, you won't like this. I really love the print but it might overwhelm people of smaller body types.

Here is a close-up of the modification and print:

I sent her only the measurements she usually asks for: bust, weight, and height. I think it fits great! Definitely not too tight and the shirring in the back provides some stretch for comfort. It comes to about my knees, which I think is the perfect length.

Here are some full-length pictures to show the fit:

(taken by tian_shi. thanks!!)

Do not mind the guy on the right; he is photoshopped.

I do not know anything about sewing! It looked really well made to me. It is not lined. The fabric is on the thin side, but not see-through. The bows on the front are permanently sewn on and seem to be on pretty tight, haha. The ruffle at the bottom of the skirt is really well-done and even. I didn't see any places where there was any shoddy stitching.

Shipping and Time Frame:
On the website it says it takes her a week to ship things out after they are ordered. I ordered on the 14th, saying I needed it by the 23rd. It was shipped on the 19th and got there on the 21st!

Service and Communication:
FANTASTIC. Leah always responds to questions within twenty-four hours and is extremely polite, professional, accommodating, and helpful.
She made me make this  terrifying happy animu face:

In summmmmmmation:

Construction: It looks good to me but I don't sew! 9/10.
A little loose in the chest but it's a comfortable and tailored fit, I'd say. 8/10
Shipping/Construction Time:
Super fast! 10/10
Customer Service:
omg fantastic 99999999/10

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