fushugikb (fushugikb) wrote in egl,

oooooh noez!

my double decker rocking horse shoes order came.
however, there is a crack in the wood of one pair. they are on/in the back of the wood (heel side).

one crack runs practically all the way down the wood! (it runs onto the flat part, which is hard to see in the pic. *sorry for the messy desk*)

the other shoe has the crack at the bottom by the sole.

i am very worried that the wood might split when its worn and cause a seriously dangerous injury. eep! >_<;;;

i've contacted dd about this (with pictures), but am wondering if others have run into similar problems? i did a lj-search before posting btw.

how about exchange or return? has anyone done either with them? was it difficult? which would you advise? i ask because some places are tough to deal with on the matter and i don't think i should be losing money for something that wasn't my fault.

btw, if anyone cares, it was sent by ems from japan to california. dd marked down the value (i did not say to) :(

also, would you prefer i do a review now or after this ordeal gets settled?

thanks in advance!

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