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ACen 2008 Fashion Show Update!

          Thank you so much for everyone's interest in being a part of the upcoming fashion show! I'd like to keep track of everything, so if you are interested in modeling and/or lending clothing, please fill out one or more of the following forms and email me at pinkuhaato at aol dot com! Thank you!

          Please title the email with either "model," "clothing," or "model/clothing." It will make it easy for me to file things appropriately!

Model Information
LiveJournal Username:
Measurements: Please use centimeters!
Bust -
Waist -
Height -
Shoe Size -
Picture: Include one to three images (links or attachments). Clothing is unimportant, but a clear shot of your face is so we don't assign someone to an outfit that clashes with their natural colouring.

Clothing Information
LiveJournal Username:
1. Brand Name:
2. Brand Name:
You can length this list as much as you see fit--the more the merrier! If you have BLOUSES, SOCKS, SHOES, or HAIR ACCESSORIES from any brand--please be sure to mention them! These items are typically in short supply.

          Thank you all very much for your time and effort! n_n Hopefully it will be a pleasure working with all of you.
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