acima (acima) wrote in egl,

Potential lolita fabrics?

This is my first posting here so I'm sorry if i dont get the cut and stuff right.

So, I've had these two pieces of fabric for well over a year (don't even remember where I got them from), and a couple of days ago I thought they might turn out to be pretty ok fabrics for some country style lolita skirts.
I haven't been into to lolita style for very long, so I don't have the eye for these things yet. Therefor I wanted to ask you lovely ladies what you think?

The first is a sort of dark yellowish with some burgendy red "farm" style prints (about 10cm in hight). It's quite heavy so that might be a problem, but overall the fabric itself seem to be of good quality.

Sorry, the picture itself is'nt very good. Had to take it with my phone and the lighting turned out weird. It's not supposed to look greenish.
I've got about 150x120cm it. (for lager pic)

The other one is alot thicker and has a soft feeling to it. It's offwhite in base color and has black and grey prints of chickens, trees and flowers.

It's looks more greenish in the picture again, it's not. It's lovely offwhite and grey.
I have about 150x120cm of this aswell. (lager pic)

I think they might have some potential for some simple skirts. I would love to get your thoughts on these :)
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