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Last post about Rose Chocolat request (I hope XD)

 Regarding "She also told me that it is very dangerous to wear separated heels when the feet is larger than 260mm."

I asked her why it is so dangerous, and if she could make the larger-sized shoes with regular heels under special requests.

She said that she buys heels and other materials from the factory.
If the feet is larger than 260, the heels cannot support the base of the shoes, so shoes crack easily.
There used to be factories in Korea that can make heels for larger sizes, but they are closed now so she couldn't find the right material. This is also why most of asian shoe companies only produce sizes up to 255mm.
She actually tried to make a large size using the same heel, but it was too dangerous to walk in.
She didn't want to risk the safety.

She said "I really want to make the same shoes for everyone."

I think what she meant was that the particular heels she uses are very dangerous for the feet larger than 260mm.

I hope things are clear now.^___^)/ 

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