alligatorjuice (princess_eowyn) wrote in egl,

rochester, ny meetup?

a few weeks ago, the topic of a meetup was brought up in this thread. but a date was never finalized. as early/mid december is almost upon us, i think a date should be established.

early/mid december was cited in the original post as a good time for a meetup. i'm assuming we're going to do it on a saturday. december 8th is out, leaving december 15th and 22nd. the 15th is likely to be right after most of you school-going types finish finals. the 22nd may be too late, as it's close to christmas and a lot of people will be home for the holidays.

so, my only goal was to get people talking about a date. my vote is for the 15th, but i'll go with whatever everyone decides. :)
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