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Rose Chocolat's Answer.

Dear EGL members, I've sent our requests to RC, and she just replied me right now.
I was also extra carefull and polite just as some of members have asked me to be.  

This was my original message;

"1. 주문 후에 확인 메일로 슈즈 디자인, 사이즈, 색, 기타 디테일을 보내주세요. 언제 발송 될 것인지, 짐작되는 수령 날짜도 보내주시면 감사하겠습니다.

2. 신발이 완성되면 다시한번 확인메일 부탁드립니다. 홈페이지의 사진과 다르다면, 발송 전에 확인을 부탁드려요. 영어가 부족하시다면, 사진을 보내주신 후에 ok라고 하면 보내주세요.

3. 260-280 사이즈를 신으시는 분이 검정색 이외의 슈즈를 주문했을때에, 힐도 화이트나 핑크가 오나요 아니면 늘 특수제작 신발은 검정색 통굽인가요?"

In English:
"1. May we receive a confirmation e-mail right after we put an order concerning design, size, color and etc, please?
We would also like to know when the item will be shipped out, and the approximate date we will receive the shoes.

2. Could you please send us another confirmation e-mail after the shoes are made? If it is not exactly the same as the ones on the website, please check with us before you ever send the sheos. If English is a problem, a picture would work as well. 

3. If we order the shoes in size 260-280 and in colors other than black, what color heels do we get?  Would the foam heels always be black regardless of the actual color of the shoes?"

And she replied;
"1. 입금확인이 들어오면 저희가 주문서에 예정일을 기재하는 것으로 가능할 것 같습니다. 메일이 잘 안가는 경우도 있기 때문에 가능한 저희사이트내에서 해결하는 것이 더 안전하답니다.

2. 이 부분은 제품을 모두 매번 찍는 것은 불가능하지만 발송해도 좋은지 주소가 정확한지 메일을 보내는것은 가능합니다. 3일동안 응답이 없으면 공지에 올려 연락을 기다리도록 하겠습니다.

3. 스페셜 사이즈는 힐이 검정과 노랑(발레리나색상) 두가지 뿐입니다. 흰색을 원하시면 해드릴 수는 있지만 형광빛이 돌아서 만족도가 낮을 수 있습니다. 이점 양해부탁드립니다.

교환을 원하시는 분은 교환을 해드리고 환불을 원하시는 분은 환불을 해드립니다 ^^"

In English;
"1. I will write when I can ship the shoes on the ordering form after I receive the payments. Sometimes e-mails comeback to me, so I think it will be safer if we take care of the matters in Rose Chocolat website.
(I think what she meant was that she would put the details of the orders and the estimate dates when she would ship the shoes on the RC website.)

2. I think it would be difficult to take pictures of every single shoes, but I will send the confirmation e-mail whether the customer wants me to ship the shoes out and if the address is correct, etc. If I don't receive an answer in 3 days, I will put it up on RC website.

3. Special big size heels only come in black and yellow(ballerina shoes). I can make white heels, but it would be sheer neon-ish so it could be not as  aesthetic. Please understand this.

I will exchange and refund to all my customers ^_^"

She also told me that it is very dangerous to wear separated heels when the feet is larger than 260mm.
She said she actually had sent e-mails to her customers about it at the end of  this September and also about the changes in big sized shoes to wedge heel. I don't know why we weren't aware of it. 

She said she makes all her shoes just like they are her own, and that she will try very hard to improve her service.

I am happy that she is trying to work this with us.
I personally love RC too much, so I don't want to see it go away for good ; _;
They make such fabulous hand-made shoes.

I think that anyone who wants to return their shoes can just e-mail her about it now and tell her that you want refund.
If you would rather send your e-mail in Korean, just reply me here, I will reply you back in Korean so you can copy and paste in your e-mail to her.

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