roxiefaye (roxiefaye) wrote in egl,

Power Rangers + ...Lolita? Of course!

So, I was a little hesitant to post this for a while, since I could sort of see all the forthcoming "OMG, ITA!!!! EWWW" comments. But now I don't really care, and I'm going to laugh at anyone who says that. I've decided to post this for everyone who can look at this in an amused, silly way, because that's what it is.

Anyway, my friend watches Power Rangers - the Japanese w/ English subbed kind, and he was explaining last season to me. He knows I'm sort of into lolita, and showed me one of the minor villains, who can be seen here,

A full biography on these girls can be found here:

Their names are Nai & Mea. Or in Japanese , "Nai to Mea" i.e.: their names sound out "nightmare."

A youtube video with their theme song can be found here:

I thought their lolita outfits were actually sort of cute, despite the cosplay-ish nature, with the wings and the bat head-accessories.

Thoughts? Comments?

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