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In the Starlight Review

          Recently I placed a "modified shop items" order with In the Starlight. Leah doesn't consider modifications of available shop items to be custom orders, so such an order takes the same time as a shop order and is independent of the custom order schedule.

          I emailed her on November 8th, received an adjusted quote on November 9th, and received and paid an invoice on November 12th. I live fairly near to where In the Starlight is based, so she kindly dropped it off on her way through my town on Thanksgiving so I wouldn't have to pay for shipping.

          I purchased an Ice Cream Jumperskirt in solid black, a Gingham Skirt in solid black, two fabric bow barrettes, and a fabric side-bow headband. (I just got a job that allows me to wear anything to work as long as it's black and/or white, so I got some frilly things that I won't cry over if they get doused with dust or oils.)

          Here are some pictures~ I apologize for the poor quality--I'm back in my dorm.

Gingham Skirt (black) - This fabric is, indeed, quite black. The lighting in here is kind of strange. The little velvet ribbon-bow detail is the reason I liked this skirt in the first place--it's so cute~ Others have noted that the waistband is not reinforced, and mine is not either.

Ice Cream Jumperskirt (black) - This jumperskirt is very cute, basic, and SUPER COMFORTABLE. *_* I love it~ There is a shirred back panel, so the whole thing slips on. I kinda want to live in it...

Assorted Hair Accessories - I asked for these to be made to match the fabric bows on the Ice Cream Jumperskirt, because I like how neat and tidy those bows are.

Me, looking ridiculous, wearing the skirt and hairbow-headband in my silly coordination for work. This isn't intended to be lolita, really--I just want to wear my over-the-top Christmas socks since we can wear a little bit of red for the holiday season.

This is to show how the Ice Cream Jumperskirt looks on an actual person. Pardon my self-timer-ness. e_e;;

          Overall, I am completely satisfied. I received timely and pleasant communication, the items arrived quickly, and they are all what I expected, if not better. n_n

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