Hulk (bucktick) wrote in egl,

Rose chocolat F's up again


So, 4 months later.. Here they are.

As a refresher, THIS Is what I ordered:

Here is what I got:

I paid 140 USD for a piece of CRAP foam sole that isn't what I ordered. I would pay maybe........60 dollars tops for a pair of shoes with a f*cking cheap foam sole like this. SO I was financially ripped off.

Also, I ordered a 270mm shoe. My foot is 265-7 mm long. The shoe I received measures 283 mm inside. That's almost an 11.5 US. I'm a 10.5 US.

here you can actually see where my toes end and that the inside of the shoe keeps going, yes they're that huge:


Oh but I got bleeping free socks, that'll make up for it ::sarcasm::

DO NOT BUY FROM THEM PEOPLE. Their communication is horrible. You MIGHT get a response from them 3 weeks after you contact them. I told them 3 freaking times my new address and begged them to confirm and they wouldn't. The shipped the shoes to my old address.

I'm a realist here. I know these facts:

A) RC will not give me a refund or exchange on these piece of crap 140 dollar financial loss shoes
B) egl-comm-sales lolitas are penny pinchers and nobody will even offer me anything remotely close to what I paid for these shoes.
C) and there are probably only 3 users who were this size 11.5 anyway

So I'm out alot of money here. They're scammers, people!


And for those who missed the earlier post full of horror stories from yesterday. Check it out here. Note them putting these cheap black foam soles on WHITE BOOTS. WHITE BOOTS PEOPLE

EDIT: Here is some extra information I probably should have included earlier.

A) I DIDN'T make a custom order. I repeat. I DIDN'T make a custom order. The only reason I ordered Aris is because Aris was available in size 270 in the dropdown menu. I only ordered Aris because by including that size in the dropdown menu that meant they had a mold for it. I was never informed that this was not the case until about 2 months into the order. It was off the webpage, using the size in the dropdown menu and I had no way of knowing, outside of mind-reading, that this was actually going to be a custom order.

B) I was never informed in email, unlike the others, that there was a problem with the "heels" or that there would be any difference in product from what was shown in the picture. All I was informed was "we make by hand no mold" and that was around 3 months into the order (i have the email saved).

While I understand that they are "trying" to fix these problems by at least informing people now that their orders will be different looking than the site, this doesn't help out those of us who were robbed. PLEASE be a good human and boycott them until all customers taken advantage of receive full refunds or replacement product.

P.P.S Thanks everybody who expressed support and condolences. I <3 you guys.
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