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This is just a very quick inquiry and anybodies help would be greatly appreciated.

I am at University studying Japanese, and in our Backrgound to Japan lessons we have to do a presentation on an aspect of culture either modern or historic. My partner and I have decided to choose how the Lolita fashion has infact influenced the creation of it's very own lifestyle.

I know that for some, as it is for myself, Lolita is just a fashion choice. I am also however aware of how, for some people, it has merged into a part of their everyday life and inadvertedly influences them in their everyday activities.

Primarilly, I would appreciate any links that people could provide me with that show examples of Lolita lifestyle.

Secondly, I would be looking for a select few Lolita's, I am not caring of which sub-genre of the fashion you are most interested in be it Gothic, Sweet etc. to perhaps give me some more indepth detail as to what they believe it is to be a lolita living the lifestyle and what sort of activities you do. Infact, it would most likely be best to have a wide variation of different Lolita's from different area's in the world.

When I have a few names, I would be then interested in questioning you further if that wouldn't be a problem.

If you are interested them please either post on here or alternatively just send me a message; I will get back to you as this works out to approximately 30% of this modules overall grade for this year.

I thank you very much in advance~
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