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Shoe help!

So, wonderful ladies of EGL, I come to you in a predicament.

The next few months are going to be kinda busy for me, both in the way of cons and meet-ups and since I've worn every pair of lolita shoes I have to previous meets (not that 2 pairs of rhs and a pair of red victorian-inspired boots are all that much) I decided to treat myself to a wonderful new pair of shoes for christmas!

My feet are a euro 43/44 depending on the shoe and the only place I know that I can find shoes that size are Ling_Lam so I searched around their eBay site and found three pairs that I absolutely love and would adore in my size.

They are all the same price, so it's not the money I'm having a problem with.

What is killing me is deciding which pair I like better! Any input would be greatly appreciated.

Pair #1
The scallops and bows are what drew me to the shoes in the first place, and I just think they're so cute.

Pair #2
I've always wanted a pair with the cork bottom, and the details are fantastic!

Pair #3
I love the cork bottom and the style is so cute and definitely a staple in lolita fashion.

All the shoes come in black and white so I wouldn't necessarily get them in black.

So, suggestions?

*edit* Bah. Yay my Horrible LJ Formatting. 

*edit2* Pair #2 is out of the running due to some new information about how they look in person, so now it's between 1 and 3.
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