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Photo and question!

So, I recently received my Meta Golden Print OP today from miyu_sakura  and of course it called for a single photo shoot.
Warning: I am a busty lady, so unfortunately the op shows that up.

A question concerning this OP: Is the cleavage level of this indecent? :/ I have a heart E op that titters on the line, and I don't need two ops that do that. >_< It's a bit tight on the arms, so adding a blouse under it would make it even tighter and I don't own a cut-sew.

Recently I went to the fabric district of down-town LA, and I aquired some lovely black on white fabric. I have four yards of it, so I plan on making an elastic waist skirt, the only thing is aside from that I'm stumped design wise. So any suggestions or pictures of loli skirts that feature black print on white fabric would be great! I usually stick with black bases, but this fabric was so pretty, I couldn't pass it up.

Tell me how to fix this up into something pretty!

Thanks and have a lovely evening EGL!
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