Spirit-hime (ellorgast) wrote in egl,

Hypothetical question

We all know how expensive this fashion is, yes? And many of us are on a budget. I am actually struggling with this dilemma as we speak, so I decided to put it to the rest of the community and see how everyone else would handle it.

Let's say you have a very set budget of money you have saved for your lolita clothes. Say, $350. And lo, it is close to Christmas, so Y!Japan is flooding with great stuff!

Now, you see about eight billion items you would love to buy. They suit your wardrobe and your current tastes, and are very functional for daily wear. You could easily expand your wardrobe using the money at your disposal and a selection of those items.

However, suddenly you come across the dress of your dreams. You have coveted this dress for years. You have had dreams about it. You would give your left kidney for it. Or $350. Which is exactly what it is priced at.

This item is super-rare. It may never, ever be seen on Y!Japan again. But the other items that you want, functional though they may be, aren't often found either, and you could lose out on some great deals.

Question is: would you rather spend the money on a large quantity of items, which you aren't trip-over-yourself madly in love with, but which you do really like, and would splendidly add to your outfits and give you more to wear in day-to-day life? Or would you give them all up for that one, drool-worthy dress?

Edit: Thank you everyone! I have made my decision and asked Mai to bid on the Dream Dress™ for me. :D I am interested in what others would do in this situation though, so please feel free to keep answering.

And uh, expect a sales post from me within the next week, else I'll be eating instant ramen for the rest of the month. :D
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