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Sooo... Many... Cooooookies!!!

I had a birthday recently! It was full of... birthday! And then yesterday I had a party which was full of COOKIES!!!!! Please enjoy these random photos from the party!

For my birthday I had a Cookie Swap! For those of you who don't know what that is, it's where you have a party and ask everyone to bring cookies! Then you end up with a fantastic sampling of all different kinds of cookies and people can sample them all and take some home, too! I asked everyone to bring a dozen cookies and ended up with well over 200 cookies in my house!!!

"ZOMG! That is SO MANY COOKIES!!!" miyu_sakura said right before she fainted. Luckily, danaeaphreal was there to break her fall.

In order to balance out all the sweets, I made sure to have some finger sandwiches available, too. I like to think we saved many lives from sugar shock with these.

Here's hellowonderland, one of the many fabulous people who came over early to help! She made the pesto bites and they were full of puff pastry deliciousness!

I decided we would put in some movies about sweets to go with all these cookies, so we watched Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (1971) and then Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (2005). It's weird how different the movies are when they're both based on exactly the same story.

Speaking of similarities and differences, I thought this photo of hellowonderland and Charlie was fantastic with all its contrast :D

Here are two friends of mine, Dutch and Carrie, enjoying the movie (as not everyone at the party was required to be in lolita, I was going for fun and comfort).

And here's kyouketsusha who came in all the way from Wisconsin sitting pretty in her lovely brown lolita outfit.

Here's Dutch and Charlie (now out of lolita drag) chatting and chilling.

And awwww... isn't this the cutest photo of danaeaphreal and pierrotseven? Here they are enjoying some of the many hot drinks I put out (cuz baby it's cold outside!). We had hot apple cider, hot chocolate, tea, and coffee. Yum!

Aside from the movies going on in the livingroom, there was tons of fun to be had in my 2nd kitchen. That's where all the food was and, of course, the cookies!!!

NOM! NOM! NOM!!! Oh and on the left there you can see that cute piggy bank shaped cookie jar! It was the prize for the informal competition I decided to have with the cookies. Everyone voted for their favorite and the winner was toujourspret and her delicious tea cookies! I didn't manage to get a good photo of her... but her Earl Grey cookies were especially yummy! I'm glad I have the leftovers XD

Here miyu_sakura lets danaeaphreal know that she's cutting her off! No more cookies for you!

Hey look! It's me and treesdancealone! *glitters*

pierrtoseven and hellowonderland sample the delicious fare.

"I can has cookie?" asks Cupcake. The general response all day was "NO! Back upstairs with you!"

Anyway I had too, too much fun! I'd like to thank everyone who came and brought delicious cookies and made my birthday party so much fun! Bye bye!!! :D
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