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Cupcake / Cake Stands and other Tea Party Accesories

Hi Loli's !

I tried searching this on LJSeek but couldn't find anything. So I thought maybe I should post this question. Anyway I decided to ask here anyway..
For my birthday party i decided I should order things early so they come here on time and here is my question...
Where is a good place to purchase online tea party/cake accesories such as Cupcake/Cake stands, tea trays etc. ?
I found two really cheap cupcake stands that might work for the moment if I cant find anything really nice that would be long lasting...
 This one I like the most so far... this one not as much...
I thought this might make a cute cake topper
 Poodles work with lolita right ? Yet i'm not sure..

So suggestions everyone ? 
Also I'm making three (very small) cakes these are my flavors so far..
- Chocolate frosting/ cake and vanilla filling
- Vanilla frosting/cake with real strawberries as the filling
- Vanilla frosting / chocolate cake with vanilla w/ crushed oreos as the filling

One more thing...I'm re doing my entire downstairs room to be done for the party in Alice In Wonderland style, painting pictures of the characters on the walls and glue fake roses to the wall as well :3

sound exciting? I'll post pictures !!

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