Ashley (baroquemaiden) wrote in egl,

A Marie Antoinette Lolita B-day Party!

Awhile back I hosted my Marie Antoinette Birthday party at an Embassy Suits!  Thanks again to everyone that came!!   I'll never for get it!  :)  Very image heavy!!!!  Enjoy!

Yummy lemon tarts!!!  :) 

What's party without pirates!  But the rum is gone!!!

A game we played called "who am I?"  wintermoon_snow  here as  'Shakespeare'.   After we ran out of the ones I made we made up our own, lol. 

Birthday girl!

poisoned_heartx  Looking so pretty!!

Uh were are our shoes?  Oh well, sock shot!!!

Bloomer shot!!  OOO La La!!

Lace and trim shot!!

We all look so pretty!

In the garden!

The koi pod that was in the hotel

Sad little puppy head we found that is being used as a coin purse  :( 

Cute little green plant!

OMG A blue hippo!!!


Those blocks were asking for it.....

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