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an Invitation to a night at the Ballet in Southern CA

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With PMX over I know many LA loli's are feeling empty, sad, and lonely. It's time for another Gathering in the Southland.
a Holiday Season gathering!!!
and what's more holiday season then?....
The Nutcracker
Tchaikovsky classic and beautiful Christmas ballet

Sunday, December 9, 2007 at 7:00 P.M.
with a late lunch before hand at a nearby restaurant (I'm still doing foot work to find the best spot)
at the beautiful, classic, vintage, historic Alex Theatre in quaint downtown Glendale (east on 134 towards Pasadena)
We will be seeing the Media City Ballet troupe

We will be buying Balcony Tickets which are the least expensive at $20 per/ticket. If we get a group of 15 or more, the ticket price will drop down to a group rate of $17 a ticket. In order for us to all sit together & get group rate, I will collect $ and buy the tickets ahead of time. The dinner beforehand is not required, I know finials are very close and maybe not everybody can attend the meal, but please come out and join us for the ballet. Downtown Glendale is a bit of a pricey restaurant location, So I'd guess our lunch could be around $20-$30 per person.

I'd like to buy the tickets soon so that we can get the best seats possible, so Final RSVP for this Southland Loli event will be Monday, Nov 26 with Payment by Paypal due no latter then Thursday, Nov 29 I will collect $20 from everybody, and if we hit our 15 person group rate, will return the $3 per/person in person at Ballet. my paypal addy is SheyneF(at)gmail(dot)com

I think that is all of the information. I will update this post with information about what restaurant we end up picking. and lilusako had mentioned something about a gift exchange, but it hasn't been fully flushed out yet. Maybe a white elephant with a $20-$30 limit.. again, not flushed out, just an idea.

People who are like HECK YES!:
FOOD$1. neku_niku
FOOD$2. lilusako *
FOOD$3-4. muted_serenades+1 **
$5-6. yume_ninja+1 **
$7. daitenshi_dream *
FOOD$8. sekiria *
FOOD$9-10. miyuist+1 **
FOOD$11-12. littlegrimi +1 **
FOOD$13. animefreak102 *
FOOD$14-15. chisuo+1 *
FOOD$16. kuramew *
FOOD$17. Matt the dude *
FOOD$18-19. adorable1 +1 **
FOOD$20. xaynie*
FOOD$21-22.alanna_lioness+1 **
FOOD$23.hystericblue42 *
FOOD$24.frakkinfabulous *
25-26. pour_me_coffee+1

$ next to # means paid~

people who have shown interest & WANT to come:
19-20. clueless_case +1
9. becausedead

SORRY TO FORGET TO POST, MY PAYPAL ADDY Is Sheynef(at)gmail(dot)com

If you are interested in coming drop a post, and mention if you would like to join us for the lunch beforehand (the reason this is not a tea house kidna thing, is I can't find any tea houses in Glendale, and I'd like for everybody to park their car once and then have everything we're doing with in walking distance)
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