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Art Post

The Cardinal:

Well theres a story with this, for those of you who arent friends with my on LJ you may not know this. But if you are, feel free to skip ahead ;D

When my family first moved here, we lived in a really poor neighbourhood near detroit. There was an old man down our street named Walter who helped us out a lot, and he was just a really nice person.

When I grew older I used to visit his house a lot, and we would feed the squirrels in our neighbourhood with peanuts. In his backyard he had lots of bird feeders and little statues and things with cardinals on them.

Where I work now, we got a bunch of cardinal ornaments for the holidays, and all those memories of Walter rushed back. So I sort of did this for him. He was truly a great person.


Besides that, this outfit has been floating around my head for a while. With the winter season coming up, I really wanted to get it drawn.
Tags: media: art
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