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Angelic Pretty PMX Tea Party (photos)

Sorry, but due to AP's request, we could take photos during the brunch or of the AP staff, so these are all photos before the brunch and outside it. :)

Huge thanks to for hosting this event. I bet they worked really hard to bring this for us. I'm so glad we got to meet these adorable designers. :)
due to weather the event was moved indoors, but actually, it was probably better that way anyway. It was really pleasant inside and we didnt have to worry about getting baked in the sun or being too cold. :)

on to cute lolis! ... btw, I just have to say, everyone really seemed to pull out the stops this year for their coordinates. I couldn't stop staring at everyones super cute dresses. It was really fun. :) Thanks to everyone who was sweet and thanks again to my cute (and very lucky at bingo) table-mates! :) :)
My apologies for my poor photos, flash is just not happy. but at least you can see how cute the dresses are, right? :) Hopefully the press will post some better photos later.

DUDE, Lynleigh in her self-made sleeping beauty dress. This photo does it no justice, she was super super adorable. (below)

lolita pan shot (sortof! haha)

You could take cute polaroids with the staff though. here's mine
< spaz >OMG! they're holding my Japan Ai book! It's open to the Angelic Pretty pages. XD They were so cute about it! < / spaz >

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