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Vancouver High Tea Party Meetup Pics!

Friday afternoon's high tea meet up at the Sutton Place Hotel was small (only 4 girls), but lots of fun for all involved. ^_^  The pastries and sandwiches were tasty and quite filling despite their diminutive size, and as we unfortunately had one girl cancel last minute, Salem the beautiful doll had a chair all to herself (and a plate of sweeties too, of course).

From left to right:  chibimuse, prince_du_ciel, and myself kurasune.  Out of the picture is nekromance who declined to be she played photographer most of the time instead. ^_^

Salem with her beautiful blue eyes.  She belongs to nekromance

Yummy, yummy food!  Most of us hadn't had lunch before we came, so we were starving!

Sensitive viewers beware!  Cake murdering in process...

Mmm...they gave their lives for a good cause. ^^

Lolitas creating a scene in the Sutton Place Hotel lobby.

Sorry for the disturbing flash (there's only so much I can do with photoshop...) but here's a larger pic with more detail of our outfits.

And...obligatory shoe post...sorry!  (someone INSISTED ;-P)

And that's it!  Outfit rundown:

Blouse:  Metamorphose
JSK:  Angelic Pretty
Shoes:  Payless
Stockings:  off brand

Blouse: ??
JSK:  Metamorphose
Cardigan:  off brand
Shoes and stockings:  off brand
Hair accessories:  Claire's

Blouse:  Angelic Pretty
Skirt:  Angelic Pretty
Shoes:  Very Belly
Socks:  Angelic Pretty
Hair accessories:  Angelic Pretty

Shoes:  purchased somewhere on Bugis St. (Singapore) ^_^

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