phen/エリ (phenphenny) wrote in egl,

Hmm..some Anna House questions :D

Oh, I know you're sick of these by now o 3o
but my mom just agreed to buy some AH for me for Christmas, so >___>;;
And yes, I did scour the community through ljseek :]

First: How do their shoes run, size wise? Are they true to size or should I order up? according to their chart, I'd be a size 36, but that size is sold out in the shoes I want...would I be comfortable in a 37?

Second: Do they do custom colours? I want this skirt in completely white, would they be able to do that?
I did email them about that, but I wanted to ask you all if you had ever gotten a custom colour from them.

Thanks so much, guys ;D
Tags: *anna house

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