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Washington Lolita Laser Tag -- Reminder -- It's tomorrow O-M-G!

herro friends;

Here are the details for Saturday's meetup... because I'm lazy.

Although lolita dress is preferred, it is not required. I will definitely be packin' the frills, and I encourage you all to do the same. I also highly suggest wearing/bringing along comfortable *FLAT* shoes you can run in. I will be wearing a pair of sneakers, and if anyone tries to post us on the community that shall not be named for crimes to footwear, I will destroy them. True story. Comfortable shoes you won't hurt yourself in are more important than cute shoes [JUST THIS ONCE, OKAY?]

Tentative Itinerary:
- We will be meeting outside Westlake Center in Downtown Seattle at 1:30PM -- by the standalone Starbucks. If weather looks bad we will be meeting INSIDE the Starbucks. Try to bring enough extra spending money to buy a drink if the weather is looking foul, I don't want to look like we're frilly loiterers!
- Tomfoolery will continue until we catch the 194 bus to Federal Way at 2:13PM from 4th and Stewart -- this will get us to our destination at approximately 3:10PM.
- While we wait for our turns we can have a photo shoot, hoorah.
- After laser tag fun, we will eat at Red Robin or any of the other restaurants available within the complex [I personally have never been to Laser Quest, and don't know what else is available, but we can decide when necessary :3]
- Ideally we will be able to take the 6:31PM 194 bus back to Westlake Center. If for some reason we miss this, there are busses on :01/:31 after the hour 'til 8:31 [trip = hour long]

Laser Quest:
2210 S 320th St Ste A4, Federal Way, WA 98003

Suggested $BLING$ amount: if you can bring around $30 that should be enough to cover the day. Make sure you have $1.25 (x2) for bus fare -- bus drivers don't give change.

My cell phone number is 206.313.1202 -- if you have any questions/concerns/you're lost/etc. please call me or reply here.

rabu, allie

ps: sry i fail @ art
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