Frozen ♪ (frozen_yjapan) wrote in egl,
Frozen ♪

PMX-Mini Event!

Hello everyone!

We would like to announce a mini event we are throwing at PMX!

Between the AP Panel on Saturday Morning 11AM-12 Noon

and the Twisted Tea Party 4PM-5PM

Lolita style Pin the tail on the Donkey!

with special guest as the donkey....

Pick whether he is your friend or foe!

Decide whether to give him a tasty lollipop treat or a knife in the back!

Free Candy for all who participate 
 Gift Certificates for for Pedo Bear's Greatest Friend and Greatest Foe!!!

Starting @ 3PM
at the adjacent side of the Angelic Pretty Boutique(Santa Monica A Room)
(the side adjacent to the door and not the othe Santa Monica rooms)
*visible from the stairs to the second floor from Hilton Lobby*

We will be passing out tickets for the order of who stabs knives or gives lollipops Friday,Saturday, and at the time of the game!

Please stop by!!

Brought to you by Celga EGL and Clothing-Drop

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