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Interview Project

Hello, all.  For my Japanese class, I had to choose a text and translate it, and I ended up working with two of the essays from Takemoto Novala's Soleilnuit: For the Purpose of Being a Proper Young Lady.  The two essays in question were "I Don't Need Any Friends!"  and "Koala's March: Or, the Twin's Passion Music."  You need not be familiar with the works to answer the following questions.  Please answer each question with at least 4-5 sentences (I've been getting a lot of responses that have not followed this.  I -cannot- use responses that are shorter than this.) although you are welcome to write more.  Answering in English is fine. 

1.  Do you think boys' friendships and girls' friendships are different?  Why do you think that?  If you think they are different, please explain why in detail.

2.  According to Takemoto, girls can go on Alice-like adventures by themselves.  Do you agree?  Why do you think that?

3.  Do you think all girls are like Alice?  Do you think there are other types of girls?  Please explain.

4.  Do you have a friend you cannot live without?  Please explain the qualities of this friendship.

5.  Takemoto compares his need for this friend to a koala's need for eucalyptus.  What would you compare your need to?

Thank you for your time!
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