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Rockinghorse Showdown: Lolita Lola vs. Rose Chocolat

Disclaimer: I bought both these shoes secondhand but barely used (worn once or not at all) by the original owners, so I can't talk about service.

Contestant the First: Lolita Lola

Design features: Wooden sole, medium-rounded toe, 3/4" wide straps w/ velcro closure
Pros: Wooden sole for purists, stretches to fit more comfortably over time, straps "hemmed," medium width reasonable for most Western feet
Cons: Sole damages easily and chips/splinters away at back corners, straps take some finagling to lace up leg and don't always work out proportionally, heels have starts to come a little unglued over time

Contestant the Second: Rose Chocolat

Design features: Dense foam sole (denser than Montreal's), pointed toe, 1/2" wide straps that tie, heel strap loop
Pros Foam sole doesn't damage like wood, straps more accommodating for "custom fit," easy cleaning, personally I like the pointy toe
Cons: Nothing makes these shoes stretch! Straps are topstitched but edges are raw, which "fray" where the straps begin; foam collects dust + dirt like nobody's business, foam compacts at back corners with use, width is a bit narrow due to toe

I hope this review helps some people with their rockinghorse shopping! If I had any Montreal rockinghorses, I would have included them.
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