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Little-Chili-Lolita-Shop / LingLam / Montreal shoe review

During the Halloween sale I did an order to the Little-Chili-Lolita-Shop for some shoes.
I've been wanting a pair of all-black shoes, and a pair of pink shoes for awhile as staples for my lolita wardrobe. The shoes arrived yesterday, and I wanted to write a review. So here it is!

I purchased these black x black babydoll shoes, and these pink x white babydoll shoes.

Service / correspondence:
The pink shoes weren't listed as different sizes, but sizes 5.5 - 9.5. Before I placed my order I send a message to Ling Lam asking if they had size, 7.5. They did, and got back to me quickly, telling me to tell them what size I wanted when I paid.
I bought the shoes on the 25th of October to get the Halloween discount. (Until the 31st Ling Lam were offering a 10% discount on all sales, and I also got a discount for each additional item. Shipping was usually $25USD, but I got 1/2 price shipping on the extra pair of shoes.)
After buying the shoes I send them another message asking for a final price, and they got back to me, and gave me my final invoice with-in 2 days.

I paid as soon as I got my invoice with Paypal, on the 27th. The shoes arrived yesterday on the 7th of November, so the shoes only took 12 days to get here!
I was really surpised, this is shipping from Hong Kong to Australia. So their shipping, and communication over-all was fantastic.

The shoes arrived in two shoe-boxes taped together, in a heavily taped paper bag.
lolita shoe photo
The corners of the box were a little banged-up, but everything else was perfect.
lolita shoe photo
The shoes were in the boxes wrapped in clear plastic. There wasn't any bubble-wrap or padding on the outside of the shoes, but the shoes looked pretty safe in the boxes. There was a lot of padding inside the shoes though.

Now onto the shoes themselves! After getting over my initial fan-girl squeal, I inspected the shoes carefully, and tried both pairs on.
lolita shoe photo
They look exactly like I expected them to look given the photos that Ling Lam provide on their sales pages, so I was happy with that. They're obviously not made with real leather, and they do look / feel like they're going to scuff easily, but I'm pretty careful with my shoes anyway.
Both shoes were amazingly comfortable, which is a wonderful surprise.
lolita shoe photo
Now onto the bows. The bows on both pairs of shoes are NOT de-tachable. This isn't a problem for me, because I think they're adorable. The bows on the pink shoes look far more hard-wearing than the bows on the black shoes however. As you can see the bows on the front of the black shoes are only made out of thin pieces of that pleather stuff.
lolita shoe photo
The straps on the black shoes are amazingly comfortable, and easy to put-on, but the pink shoes are a little different.
The straps around the top of the pink shoes are very stiff, and a little hard to do-up. These shoes do however have a small piece of elastic over the bottom strap so it can stretch over the top of your foot comfortably.

As expected on a cheap pair of shoes, both shoes have some imperfections. I'll go over these now:
lolita shoe photo
As you can see the round tips of the pink shoes are a little un-even (especially on the left side of the right shoe), this isn't all too noticable but I wanted to point it out.
The opening of the shoe is also a little un-even, and is more curved on the right shoe than the left one. The white 'lace' on the left hand shoe is also a little skewed. This is probably my biggest problem with these shoes, and is a little more noticable than the other imperfections.
lolita shoe photo
Other than those problems the shoes are pretty alright. You can see that the folds around where the sole connects the main part of the shoe aren't perfect either, but they're like that basically all the way around the shoe.

lolita shoe photo
Now onto the black shoes! Here you can see that imperfection issue I just talked about on the black shoes. (Sorry the photo is bad, bleh.)
lolita shoe photo
Under one of the soles on the black shoes there's a small nick behind the heel, but it's under the heel and not very noticable.
lolita shoe photo
Over-all the black shoes were great, and not as many construction errors as the pink shoes. I think that because the shoes are all-black any imperfections don't show up as much.

Final comments:
One thing you need to realise when buying lolita stuff is that you get what you pay for. I knew that there were cheap shoes when I bought them. I mean they were only $39 a pair!!
Which in my experience is damn, damn cheap for a pair of shoes. So if you're going to buy a pair of shoes from Ling Lam keep in mind that they're cheap for a reason. The construction isn't perfect, but for the price these shoes are pretty damn amazing. Especially considering how comfortable they are.

Final score:
I give Ling Lam an 8/10.
So I am over-all very happy with my Ling Lam order. Communication was fantastic, shipping was fast and easy, and the shoes are just what I expected.
I recommend Ling lam to any lolita looking for some cheap, and comfy shoes.
lolita shoe photo
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