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Ordering problems

Hey EGL~

I've recently had a bad run in with BABY's customer service, probably due to Christmas coming up and accepting paypal = lots more orders. I knew they were busy but this is just ridiculous XD
The paypal account holder I've paid through forgot to put any information in the paypal notes (though he did follow up with an email including them), so BABY has had a terrible time trying to confirm that he and I are actually working together and it is my payment.. They've lost my $470 now because they took too long to reply and my 10 days is up or something, I don't know. It's been a horribly anxious month or so. Ahh I got an e-mail saying they shipped it. I'm not sure how it was handled at all, kinda random, but that's my story, yep.

I wondered how common this is lately. Anybody had a REALLY bad run with a brand like this recently, or ever forgotten something that important? How did it turn out if it did at all?

Just curious :)
Maybe I can learn from the experienced. ^^

edit. I'd like to add that I got my shoes from Rose Chocolat in, ready.. 3 weeks. Ahh, I didn't think I'd see the day where RC is quicker than BABY. Alas.
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