Atilla The Honey (atilla_thehoney) wrote in egl,
Atilla The Honey

Sewing Lolitas

I am looking at sewing my own Loli clothes since it is starting to look like I will not be able to get down to a proper size in the time frame I set for myself (10 month to drop from a size 14 to a Size 9) and since I have my dress form I was thinking I would just alter some of my dress patterns that I already have where the Tops are Loli but the skirt parts aren't. The only problem is I have never altered a pattern before so dramatically. Do any of you have any tips for altering a "normal" skirt (we are talking A line or Pencil skirts) to a Lolita Skirt? I want to do the alterations to the pattern before I start buying fabric.
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