Xelyna (xelyna) wrote in egl,

Kyoto Meet-Up Reminder!

Date: Tomorrow! November 4
Time: 11:30
Place: Teramachi, Kyoto

We will meet at the entrance of Teramachi shopping street. The nearest station is Hankyuu Kawaramachi (Exit 9).

Map: This is the map for the Saizeria in front of the meeting place. I couldn't find a better map>_>;; But yeah, there is a big sign that says Teramachi, and it's on Shijo Doori (Shijo Street). If you get lost, go up to any old lady in a kimono and be like "Teramachi????" and she'll probably point you in the right direction^^;;;;;

If you can't find us, email me on (my username) AT k dot vodafone dot ne dot jp. Obviously cell phones only^^;;

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