blupp (blupp) wrote in egl,

Larger shoes?

I have size euro 41/ japn 25,5 / us 9,5 and I'm looking for some cute lolita shoes, with not much heel(I am too tall already).
Not many stores has that size, even thought its a "normal" girls size >_<
According to the lolita handbook shoplist..the big brands shoes are way to small and the rest

Ling Lam* - Doesnt work
Montreal Shoes* - Doesnt work
Refuse to Be Usual* - Only has one cork sole shoe in my size
Miwitch* (~bakacherry)- I don't understand how to find anything..
Gothic&Lolita Shoes* (~bakacherry) Only has small shoes or RHS in my size
Marshmelon (~bakacherry) - Not in business anymore
Rosechocolat* (~bakacherry) - Does actually work, but their shoes look not so good..

So, does anyone have more ideas where to find them?

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