Lost Love Care Bear Stare! (rebornangel16) wrote in egl,
Lost Love Care Bear Stare!

Wedding planning

So, egl. My friend is having a wedding in Summer '08. She has invited me to be a bridesmaid, and is going to be (as far as I know) paying for our dresses.
She is having a Pirate themed wedding and has given me permission to wear Alice and the Pirates.

I am not a pirate lolita, so I have some questions for you girls who are.
First, does anyone own this JSK? How big can the waist get? The website says 62cm, but there is shirring in the back. Is 62cm just the smallest it can go? I don't want to commit to a dress just to find it doesn't fit. I have a 27-inch waist.
If it doesn't, then I'll look for something that will. Like this one in navy or pink if I can find it.

Second, what kind of coordination would look good for a wedding? Obviously, white is out of the question. I was thinking pink.

I have plenty of time to think about this, but I just wanted to get started to provide time for coodination thoughts.

Thank you in advance!
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