Frozen ♪ (frozen_yjapan) wrote in egl,
Frozen ♪

New Web Store ^_^!

 Hello dear Lolita and Aristocrats!
Clothing-Drop would like to announce the opening of our brand new webstore!

As a joint effort with and Celga EGL we are happy to bring you a new and used Japanese Brand Lolita webshop which ships to you from United States!

Our new webshop allows you to login as a customer and keep track of your orders online!
 Please take advantage of our items, consignment sales, and our monthly group orders (coming soon)! We hope to provide weekly to bi-weekly updates of new and used brand clothing so please subscribe to our website for updates.  And fyi, we do ship internationally!

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 Update: Thank you for everyone's concern ^_^! We have already contacted our hosting service to get Clothing-Drop back up as soon as possible!  

Update 2:

Thank you for your concern everyone!

Clothing-Drop is now back up!

You may notice some image resolution issues, however please do not be alarmed they will return to normal in the next few days(we had to resize them due to the amount of traffic we are getting  while we are switching to a new server!).

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