takara_lolita (takara_lolita) wrote in egl,

Moving Home

Hey everyone,

I am About to move home and leave everyone i know and care for and move up north to Manchester. i am basicly going to have decorate the whole house. room by room. i am working on my bedroom first as i want that be my little haven from world. so i going to do it gothic lolita theme. i was basicly going use Hello Kitty as my base. so i got, hello kitty bedding, alarm clock, telephone, lamp, slippers.  i also got some hello Kitty Fabric to make curatains.

so here my question. i wondering how to make the room feel very lolita with out uber cluttering it with lots of things. i am trying go for the more minimilist look. anyone got idea's or sugestions. the walls will be light pink with darker pink carpet and white roof :-)


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