An aspiring catlady (basje) wrote in egl,
An aspiring catlady

Ladies, please fire up your shopping service

Browsing around, I found a lot of cute stuff that seems very fitting to a lolita! Either to buy with a shopping service, or to give you inspiration for things to make or to look for in local shops. Pictures and links under the cut.

Cake purses



Five out of five stars! This entire site is soooo cute, with hime and lolita style interior and cute stuff.

Asian cylindrical teapot...Okay I just really wanted to post this picture. Imagine having tea like this at your next party, crazy awesome!

Ouch, expensive

Is it a doll house? No, it's a little closet!

It's not food, it's jewelry!

It's either really cute, or really gaudy.

At 4000 Yen, I think these shoes are quite a steal!

So cute! The print is bags and hatboxes and cute stuff!

Awesome victorian-style jewelry, and I think they're having a sale!

Cute fabric! Browse the store, they have tons more

AP-style jewelry at 315 Yen a piece? I'm in ^^

P.S: If anyone is bothered by my posting things that are, even though lolita related, not directly related to brands and clothes, please do let me know as I don't wish to make anyone feel uncomfortable!
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