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my new goodies ^_^

Well, I received a box of goodies from BTSSB today and I thought I would share~!! I have been trying to collect the clothes that Momoko wears in kamikaze girls, so I was adding to my collecting. I got, 1 dress, 1 apron, and two pair of socks.

THE pink dress. I was SO excited to get this one!! I LOVE it! I was surprised, it is actually a bit big on me! and I took off the long sleeves, b/c well, I don't like them.
please excuse the blurriness from some pictures., my camera doesn't like taking shots from far away.

I recentley got bangs, and I love them! (they are brushed to the side here).

I love my 'wallpaper' XD

them I also got the blue apron she wears when Isobe asks here to embroider the dress ^_^
I don't have a skirt to go with it yet, so please ignore my care bears one (made by pour_me_coffee !!)
I was surpsied at how short the apron was...and I didn't tie it tight enough...

I had previously posted these pictures. these are OLD. as you can tell, different hair etc. This is the dress Momoko wears when she meets Isobe sama for the first time ^___^
these are relevant to the post so I will re-post them.

here are my Momoko items so far~

the end...~
(that's a bit short. let's rewind!)

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