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Baby egl

I'm not the oldest or most active member of the community. Heck since I've been a member of egl   I've been through five user names, countless hiatus and lj boycotts there was even a time I decided I didn't want to be a part of the community for a bit and not to mention I always end up sleeping throuhg important happenings. But I was bored enough to go through the archives. I though for everyones amusement I post a few things I found in the early years (I stopped at December 03).
egl   was created on December 29th 2001* by moonfullofstars  
First meet up post was on January 1st 2000**.Well I guess no one has anything on the Philly Lolis now.
First sales post was on February 01 2001** for a metamorphose nun dress.
In it's starting phase
[info]egl 's most frequent post was
[info]jullie_sama . Actually it seems she was the only one posting for a while.
February '02 seems to be the first mention of Mana. I wont deny back then I though he was the god of lolita.
May '02 There's a post about gothic and lolita bible.
And with no real relevance to the rest on November 26th 2002 post
[info]swdpunk "my mom grounded me from wearing skirts... ::pout:: i miss my petticoats. damned grades...V˙" Most amusing find yet.
If any of these are wrong please correct me (with proof) and I'll change it. I was basically just skimming everything.

And for the record it was January '03 that I became a member woot almost 5 years!
*According to the info in the profile
**That's the date the entries were made but it had to have been backdated.

Well I failed seems most old post were deleted or backdated really far back for for some reason.
So anyway let's talk about: How long have you been part of the community?
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