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After the NY meet yesterday, the friend I dragged along had lots of questions about Lolita that were hard to answer.
So if it's alright, going to turn some of them over to EGL. . .

He thought Lolita was mostly gothic, and was surprised by all the sweet frills and cute colors.   So why are sweet styles so popular now?  Are there more gothic Lolitas or sweet Lolitas? Does that vary whether it's in Japan or outside of it?  When will the epic battle begin, or has it already started?

Who are meets for?  Is it only for people who dress Lolita, and their friends/family/significant others?  Can people who like the fashion, but lack a Lolita chaperone attend?  How open are meets about who comes?  Like, are brolitas okay and is there an age limit on acceptability?  (I mentioned the older crossdresser at Otakon to him.)  
He is really interested in Lolita and wants to go to more meets to learn more and get to know people.  But he doesn't want to come off as a creep looking for a fetishtastic bang if he attends without a Lolita to back him up.

Do most Lolitas act as cute when they don't wear Lolita compared to when they do?  Like the mental shift that comes with putting on a military uniform or a killer set of red heels.  Are most aware if they do act or feel a little "cuter?"

Are there Lolitas who dress that way mostly for the social statement?  And are they just rare exceptions or pretty common?

Eugh, don't remember the rest.  
Going to link him back to this entry, so any responses would be appreciated.


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