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General Lucky Pack & Sales Questions

I already tried looking in the memories and finding answers to all my questions with the LJSearch, but I couldn't find all the info I need ^^;
I'm currently planing my trip to Tokyo in December/January and was wondering when most of the shops will have the Lucky Pack Sales.
ok, now on to the questions:
1) where do you find info on the exact sales dates/times ? (I read that last year the dates/times were announced in Kera, but online ?)
2) when do the shops announce the sales /LP dates ?
3) last year (and the years before that) around what dates were the lucky packs available ? (first week of January if I remember correctly ? or second ?)
4) from your expiereince: how early do you have to line up?
5) how many LP per person are you usually allowed to buy at the shops ?
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