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Ideas on this dress...

Hey :) I just thought I'd post and ask, as I like having second opinions (and third, and fourth...etc...XD).

I'm debating getting this dress from baby

But in black, with white lace. I was just wondering, does anyone else find the line too 'classical' style? I personally am a fan of huge skirts of doom XD However, this is so slimming *-*... I like it because it's plainer, well, not plain, but simpler. So I could wear it just as casual wear or dress it up. Yet at the same time, so much money for a simpler dress...><;;; I can never make up my mind over anything :P It also looks quite flared in this picture, but looked flatter in real life...

I'll probably end up getting it, I was just wondering if anyone else would debate over whether to buy it on accounts of it being more A-line than a huge skirt? That said, that could only be because I LIKE huge skirts... At-least in black and white it looks more stereotypical lolita though, especially if I get a katsuya to match, and a cutsew underneath. >< Getting a cutsew too is going to end up so expensive...^^;;;

I guess I was just hoping for other people's points of views on this :) Thanks!

Also, as I'm posting anyway, I thought I'd add that a store near here has cute nail seals of candy, etc, mirrors with marie from the aristocats on, things like that, and was just wondering if anyone would be interested in buying any? Any cute accessories in particular that people are looking for?

Anyway, thanks for your help, everyone :D You've probably seen me lurking around lately anyway, so I figured I may as well ask ^^;. It'll be my first baby dress, so I want to get something I really like, and this shape seemed the most flattering...

Okay, I'll stop rambling now ^-^;;;

Thanks!! <3
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